New got ms

Hi evrtyone aim new been treated for suspected dementia so was sent to mental health team for test and MRI brain scan. On 9th of April went to the consultant to get scan results and he asked what’s been going on so I get restricted movement in left arm muscle my hands go rigid and claw like get muscle spasms in arms and legs muscle stiffness with pain mood swings fatigue sleeping problems and tingling in head and rest of my body and was also told that I have white matter disease been referred to a different specialist for more test also have blinking eyes am wondering if members on hear could give us some advice and any info about my symptons

So hi again was kinda hoping for some advice and some ideas from members in regards to my symptons my nuero is almost certain I have ms symptons but has referred me for test and 2nd opinion having the white matter shown up on the MRI

Hi Colcol1960

I’m afraid I don’t have much useful information to give you, but I can tell you we’re in a similar position.

I am being investigated for MS and at my last neuro appointment on Monday, he told me he is almost certain I have MS and is sending me for another MRI of my brain and whole spine ‘to confirm’.

It’s a scary time, so be kind to yourself. It’s also a very long process as MS has so many symptoms and there is no single test that can say if you definitely have it. It is more a process of elimination. There are lots of other illnesses which ‘mimic’ MS and have very similar symtoms, so keep an open mind for now as your neuro isn’t 100% sure yet.

What tests is your neuro sending you for?

PG xx