Multiple symptoms

Does anyone have a similar story? I have lots of symptoms for years and have always thought I have ms but I have never dared to link them all together. Sorry to bore you all but I just want some thoughts on the following. I have been unfortunate to have had left sided paralysis with no organic cause, glandualr fever more than once, the shingles, B12 deficiency, wheat and lactose intolerances, fibromyalgia, trimengenial neuralgia, optic neuritis (queried but never confirmed) and now hemachromatosis. My neuro things I have an autoimmune problem and has ordered blood tests. As a result of an exam he says that my reflexes are brisk, so he as requested an MRI of my brain to look for demyelination. I have symptoms listed by all on this forum loss of balance, buzzing and tingling, the ms hug, muscles cramps and spasms. I often sound like I am drunk and mix up my words. I’m not hopeful of an ms diagnosis as scans in the past have come back normal. Perhaps I will always stay in limbo land.

To all in a similar situation… take care and keep looking for answers.

Hi, how long did you have left sided paralysis for ? Did it come on gradually or suddenly?

Do you have spasticity ?

I seem to be developing right sided paralysis slowly over the last 3 years!

Have had several MRIs and a clear LP. I have brisk reflexes too which have been told it means something not right with the spinal,cord.

Moyna xxx

Hi, first paralysis happened 8 months after first child. The left side of my face went numb and my speech was slurred. I lost the use of my left arm. I was in hospital for about 2 weeks. Well, that was 22 years ago and nothing showed on the Mri at the time. Over the last 15 years I have had spells of numbness and loss of feeling in my legs and arms. I have spacisity in my legs, which varies. At worst, I have lost my balance as a result and ended up in the floor, not good when you are teaching. Sometimes, I go out and my legs stop working altogether, and I have to be rescued. My muscles twitch and flick out without warning. I was just told that brisk reflexes are a sign that something is inflammed such as ms, but not that he was saying it was that. I was also told that hemachromatosis can cause spasms but I had spasms long before that diagnosis. Not sure if it is relevant but my left side from top to bottom is weaker than my right. Are you under investigation? (Sorry about the italics, not sure what I have pressed).

I had l’hermittes in 1991 and had clear MRI. Then nothing until 2005 and had numbness on left arm which lasted about 3 months. Then 2008 I felt terrible exhausted weak legs, numbness down left side. in 2010 started to notices stiff legs and drop foot. This has never gone and is getting worse. I have spasticity in quads and cant bend my knee and clear my drop foot. I trip over the foot. I move and sometimes the foot seems stuck to the floor and I fall! MRI im 2011 showed lesion in neck it was worse in 2012 and gone in 2013. I am still tripping! I have had clear LP too.

Do you have problems walking ?

Moyna xxx

In June 2009 I had drop foot but put it down to siatica, caused by whiplash the November before. I also had in August 2009 an horrific electrocuting pain in my neck, if felt like someone stabbed me, when the length of my body. I still get it from time to time. LIke you I stumble and trip over nothing. I have fallen over at work, which is not good when you are teaching. My last fall was on Monday, I lost my balance getting up from a chair and fell in the floor. My thighs burn and ache intensely and make it hard to move my legs. When I said to a colleague I was using th lift for i flight of stairs they looked at me in disbelief but seriously I really struggle to lift my legs at times. I am so fatigued at the minute thata everyday is hard. I am off on Autumn break and have spent the last 3 days in bed. Just to give my body time to recover for the next week, not that it ever does fully.

I fear like you that there will be no more answers out there for me, my pre-existing conditions will always blamed. Sorry for not sounding more optimistic. Where do you go from here?