Multiple symptoms

Does anyone have a similar story? I have lots of symptoms for years and have always thought I have ms but I have never dared to link them all together. Sorry to bore you all but I just want some thoughts on the following. I have been unfortunate to have had left sided paralysis with no organic cause, glandualr fever more than once, the shingles, B12 deficiency, wheat and lactose intolerances, fibromyalgia, trimengenial neuralgia, optic neuritis (queried but never confirmed) and now hemachromatosis. My neuro things I have an autoimmune problem and has ordered blood tests. As a result of an exam he says that my reflexes are brisk, so he as requested an MRI of my brain to look for demyelination. I have symptoms listed by all on this forum loss of balance, buzzing and tingling, the ms hug, muscles cramps and spasms. I often sound like I am drunk and mix up my words. I’m not hopeful of an ms diagnosis as scans in the past have come back normal. Perhaps I will always stay in limbo land.

To all in a similar situation… take care and keep looking for answers.