Limbo still

Update… saw neurologist yesterday. Says that my reflexes are brisk, going to have another MRI. (4-6 weeks). Thinks, I have a problem with my immune system. Also, thinks that my hemachromatosis might be responsible for some of my symptoms. I just feel like I am on a tread mill. I also have fibromyalgia and a B12 deficiency both have symptoms similar to ms. I shall just have to wait and see.

its frustrating I know, but I am glad you are keeping going.

hugs and takecare,

Catherine xx

Just a quick update, my Mri as come through already will be less than 4 weeks wait. Really, glad as lost my balance yesterday and fell over at work. I had to be picked up off the ground. My legs are just so stiff at the minute. My face pain is terrible, I have intermittent trimengenial neuralgia. Unwisely, I decided to have some electrolysis in my chin on Monday and it set my lip quivering. After work I went to the optician and although everything looked ok, the tests gave me double vision. The optician said it was optic neuritis although the tests themselves didn’t confirm this. Still waiting for the letter from the hospital to ask gp to run some blood tests. Similar story to many I am sure.

So to all, look afterselves…x