Hi Everyone I hope I’m in the right place, sorry if I’m not I’m new to this. Sorry if my post is abit longwinded but I’m not sure who to turn to right now. A few months ago I was put on medication for depression but a month or so after beginning them I had a seizure which can actually be a side effect to the meds, needless to say my doc took me straight off them, and refereed me to a neurologist to rule out epilepsy. My appointment was last friday. I was told that the seizures were due to the meds and that was that. He did a few tests including my reflexes which he said were abnormal and has referred me for a head and neck mri. It happened so quickly and I didn’t really take it all in at the time. I left the docs confused. I didn’t even know what the reflex exam showed so I decided to google it when I got home and I’ve scared myself to death to be honest. I have a lot of the symptoms listed and have done for a while but never really made any connections between them. I suffer with severe restlegs to the point where I’m stretching to the point where I’m doing the splits just to get a minutes relief from the aches I get. The aches and pains I’ve gotin all my limbs I’ve always put down to something else, tiredness, work, cleaning but sometimes its chronic. I have burning sensations down my hips on the right hand side and when I touch the skin above it it feels numb. I also have electrical shock type feelings that pulse down my bodycausing a split second where I feel like I’ve lost control of my body functions. I told the neurologist about that last symptom because I thought it was connected to the seizures but not about the others. I also get twitches all over my body and have done for a while. I get these several times and hour and they feel like the ones u get in your eye but they r all over my bosy randomly. I also had 1 episode of severe stiffness in my right arm and when I tried to lift it the pain was terrible but even this sign I put down to sleeping funny because I had just woke up. I don’t know whether I’m overthinking it and I’m hoping I’m being a hypocondriac but is this ms?? I received my mri appointment today and its a week on sunday, they’ve been very quick and I appreciate that but it scares me more. Just want some advice please Thanks to anyone who replies xxx

Hi Beau,

Unfortunately no one here can tell you whether you have MS or another Neurological problem. The good news is that you have seen a Neurologist who can work things out for you and you are having an MRI of your Brain & Spine which will help the Neurologist unpick this. If you look at the posts others post you will see there is no one test that can confirm MS and it can take a long time to work out. It’s detective work on the part of your Neurologist and the MRI is a good start. You can’t change what’s happening so my advice is keep a symptom diary and try not to stress as that can make Neurological symptoms worse.

Snowqueen x

Thanks for replying to my post, I’ve read some other posts and tbh I’m inspired by some of the comments and people. Hoping things go ok but if not I’m sure ill deal with it. Thankyou again and hope u r having a good morning Xx