ms and epilepsy

Hi all

I joined here for some advice please because no one on the epilepsy forum has ms.

After 2 tonic clonic seizures in january i was sent for an mri of the brain which came back i had lesions. I then had loads more tests including lumbar puncture which were all ok. Still waiting for mri of my spine.

Ive seen 2 different neurologist who said i definatly have an inflammatory syndrome. They seem to think its ms but say the presentation is highly unusual.

Has anybody else had seizures as a first sign or relapse of ms?

I am asking because my seizures have not stopped even though am on 2 different epilepsy medications. Ive also suddenly got the need to pee all the time and i keep getting a ringing noise in my ears.

I asked my gp but he is crap he just gives me a sick note and says lets see what the neurologist says