Ms relapse

Hello everyone . Can I have some advice please, currently having bad relapse and all the pain have been in my back and legs . Today the pain has gone but left me with very wobbly legs . Walking down steps my body is shaking like mad and legs are unsteady . Had steroids yesterday . Can u tell me how long this will last for ? Wil my legs ever get better ? Currently really scared as I’ve never experienced this before and don’t know what to do .

do I excercise my legs

do I rest them xx

pkease help

hi minder

it’s one of those how long is a ‘piece of string’ questions.

your legs will most probably get better with time.

as for exercise - try it and your body will soon tell you if it is right or not.

meanwhile consider using a stick until your legs stop wobbling.

take care and good luck

carole x

Thank you so much take care your self xx