MS or Not !!!


Not been on here for a while but hello everyone and hope your all doing well…x

Okay does anyone else get similar symptoms when i get tired my neck is sore when sitting i have to make sure that i have acushion for support …havent gone back to Dr yet as i feel i am never away.

Also keep getting pains in the middle part of my arm right at the top next to the shoulder feels like i have been given a dead arm if that makes sense but it always comes and goes …

Mandy x

Hi Mandy

I have had this with my neck. the only way I could describe it was that my head felt too heavy for my neck and it felt like my neck was going to buckle. I also had quite bad brain fog as well. I’ve had simillar tingling as well in my arm, although at first I thought that I had trapped a nerve, it went to develop into my whole right arm and hand going numb.

Don’t stress though, it may not get that bad for you. My numbness came on gradually, stayed for about three weeks and then my sensations came back to almost normal.

Take care.

I’ve had similar issues with my neck on and off for many years. I have to support my head when sitting for any length of time as, exactly as number08 says, my head feels too heavy for my neck, and my neck gets very achey very quickly. This then spreads halfway down my spine and can give me horrible headaches too.

I have no idea if this is a typical MS thing, but would be interested to hear from anyone who is diagnosed as to whether they have similar problems.

Hiya! I’ve been diagnosed and I also get the ‘heavy head’ problem. I do have a lot of degeneration in my neck (picked up by my last MRI) but I think this is down to MS affecting my muscles and I use one of those curved bean bag thingies to help support it.

Mags :slight_smile: xx

Hi everyone

Thank you fr the replys i think i will try one of those cushion/beanbag things lol Mags …

Number08 I keep getting tingling in my right hand and only my hadn so think it is all related but glad i am not the only one and sorry you all have these terrible symptoms :frowning:

Mandy x

Hi Mandy,

I get the the dead arm feeling you talk about, I was only getting in my left arm but my right arm is now showing the same symptoms. It makes it really hard to carry anything and yes my neck does the same as you to. I am undiagnosed. These all come with tingling and pins and needles and numbness. I am really tired with it.

Hi Medion

I am diagnosed with CIS which is first episode so in Limbo not a nice place because we seem to be made to feel like we make it all up :frowning: however i am glad we can talk on this site to people in same situation :slight_smile:

Hope you have a break from it all soon

Mandy xx