MS or not?

Newbie here, have never posted on a forum before.

My weird story started over 20 years ago when I had a long (like a year) episode of burning skin, weakness and generally feeling terrible. Had an MRI and EMG that were clear. Symptoms resolved eventually and life went on. Looking back I have had several episodes of extreme fatigue and strange symptoms though not neurological in nature per say. 8 weeks ago I woke up from a nap and both arms were cold/numb from elbow to wrist. Resolved after a few days and then I started having extreme burning skin sensations all over my body, which then turned to freezing skin sensations, (everywhere…even my scalp). Now things have settled in the right side of my body. Off and on numbness in arm and leg. Arm feels weak (but not sure it IS it just. Feels weak). Visited the neuro and passed long neuro exam with no deficits. Had a brain and neck MRI that came back saying “non-specific brain changes”. Neuro says its not MS and wants to move onto an EMG. Thoughts?? So frustrating, just really want my life back to normal!

Yeh, it is really frustrating when no reasons are given for our bodies` unnatural happenings.

But at least your neuro is still trying to find out what`s going on.

It could be MS, but then it could other things as well.

Hang in there chick!