MS Nurse's in North West

I have just found out that there are only 2 MS Nurses in the North west where I live. I thought having an appt booked for Sept was a long time to wait, know I now why.

in lanarkshire,we didnt have any nurse for 2 years,now we have 1 and she is very busy

Yeah I thought there must be cases like that judging by some of the posts on here I didnt realise it was such a scarecly supported disability. There are over 100,000 of us in the uk.

hi jon

whereabouts in the north west are you?

i’m asking because i’m in bolton and see consultant at salford (hope) hospital.

i have a named ms nurse who does an outpatients clinic in bolton but i still get appointments to see her at hope. these appointments are covered by other ms nurses and i have seen about 4 different ones.


carole x

Three in Cumbria we’re in the North West.

You are right.They work out of Walton Neuro,and I have heard of a person in our club from Anglesey being treated there. The Walton catchment area runs North of Lancaster, so that is monstrous area.

The girls are fantastic,but are trying to do the work of five.As for numbers with MS, the figure of 80,000 appeared in 1958.How difficult to get every PCT to give the number of MS sufferers on their books to a central place/thingy/person. If it has been done in the past 50 odd years it is a very,very dark secret as proof of years of underfunding are buried in the same hole.

I bet the drug companies have a pretty good idea of numbers,so they can roughly predict profits. Synical(?) perhaps, but globally MS specific drugs are worth £6 Billion a year.

On the plus side it’s not raining here.


I live in Warrington, and yes my appt in Sept is at Walton, my Aunt is taking me because my Mum wont drive on motorways. My aunt took me to see a neuro in Manchester who was very nice and said if I lived in Manc he could have reffered me to a nurse right away and got me sorted with all the help needed but because I live in Warrington he had to pass me back to a different neuro who was also very nice and said all the things I wanted him too, including advising her to stop smoking as it affects my other condition of rhinitus which often makes it hard for me to breathe