MS Nurse

Hi Everyone,

I have now seen my consultant and I was examined and he informed me that I was now under the care of an MS Nurse and he gave me her name. Can anyone tell me if she will contact me or do I have to contact her?

The consultant didn’t give me any medication, will the nurse actually give me something to take? I already have gabapentin which my GP gave me for pain relief.

Any words would be appreciated,

Thank you everyone


the procedure has become very lax since my diagnosis in 2008.

contact the hospital which your neuro works from and ask to speak to the nurse.

i know they are doing a mammoth job but it will at least save her having to phone you.

The MS nurse can’t prescribe drugs. If the consultant wants you (and you want) to start a disease modifying drug, that can only be prescribed by a neurologist.

It seems that you’ve been diagnosed and then left to get on with things on your own.

If in addition to being given the name of the MS nurse, you were also given contact information, then try contacting her yourself. Otherwise, As Carole said try phoning the hospital and either asking the hospital switchboard or asking for the neurologists secretary to get the contact details. In my area, the MS nurses work from a separate location to the hospital, so I doubt that I could get contact details from the hospital (which is why I’ve suggested the secretary).

In your situation, you could wait ages for the MS nurse to contact you, better to take the initiative. You can then discuss with her your drug situation and options. See if she can advise you.


Hi, Your nurse should be able to recommend to your GP any medications that will be suitable for your symptoms. Anthony

Except disease modifying drugs and anything ‘off label’.


Hi Blazer,

When you get an appointment with an MS nurse. Be prepared.

I keep a diary of symptoms, appointments, outcome of appointments and supplements you’re taking etc.

Will help you see any progression. Also will give the MS nurse a starting point for her notes.

Hope you manage to get in touch and meet an MS nurse.