Contacting an MS nurse

I’ve just tried for the first time since being diagnosed with relapse and remission MS in Northern Ireland to contact an Ms nurse which I was told by my neurologist that the nurse would call me.! Well they haven’t , how long am I suppose to wait? I realise they will be busy and not suggesting they are doing nothing but a lot I’ve heard since being diagnosed is that there are people there to help? Well where are they when you need them?

Try the hospital that your neurologist works out of.
Phone the switchboard and ask for:
“The MS Nurse”
and if they don’t have one …
“The Neurology Nurse”

It could well be that one nurse handles more than one speciality within Neurology, and is just plain overworked.

BUT, if you contact one, make sure that you have a reason (other than the neurologist saying that one would be in touch).


Ok I have to say it was my fault and was ringing the wrong number, my bad eyes had read a number incorrectly , I spoke with a nurse today so hopefully will have a way forward today or tomorrow