MS Nurse

Hi all I was wondering how long after diagnosis it is until you get to see the MS nurse? Its been 2 months since i was diagnosed and iv heard nothing. I know im probably just being impatient


I think you should at least have had some kind of contact from the MS nurse by now even if it’s just an introductory letter that says they will make an appointment to see you as soon as they can. I believe I saw my local MS nurse about 6 weeks after my formal diagnosis just for a chat and to ask any questions my son and I had which we couldn’t ask at a neuro appointment.

I think you should be chasing to see why you haven’t heard anything yet.

Tracey x

Thanks Tracey. Am i best to just ring the hospital/neuro? X

Seen my MS nurse same day of official diagnosis. About an hour and a half after. But I was in hospital anyway. She is a fantastic human being. So glad to have her to call. BE

I suppose it depends which hospital you are at too x

Spoke to the neuro today who gave me my nurses number… Found out that my old gp (i moved house as i was diagnosed and had to change doctors) wants me to use a different ms nurse due to the area and hasnt sent a refferal to a new ms nurse!! Oh and now she has retired. Thankfully the lovely neuro sec is speaking to my neuro on monday to sort something out! So annoyed with my old GP. Just really thankful that the hospital are so helpful! Thanks for your advice Tracey and BE. If i hadnt of called id of been waiting forever xxx

Glad you got it sorted SammieJo

Tracey x