Ms nurse

So I got a phone call on New Year’s Eve from the hospital from my ms nurse. She’s coming out to see me on Monday. She’s said to write things down that I want to talk to her about, so I’m doing that.

Shes coming to my house as I can’t get to her at clinic as hubby is at work. Will I be given anything from her? I’m new to this whole thing so I’m enquiring what will happen.

Your MS nurse might have some information about disease modifying drugs with her. Maybe some information about what services are available in your area as well. But it’s not a fixed system throughout the country.

Writing notes to remind yourself what you want to know is a good idea. But she’ll have ideas about what areas she wants to cover as well, she’ll probably be telling you what services are available in your area and talking about DMDs, your symptoms and your life.

Hope it goes well.


she will probably ask if you have had any relapses recently.

mine always does but i still don’t know how to tell a relapse from a general lurgy.

you could tell him/her about the random bad spells you have.

they are there in lieu of the neuro so say what you’d say to the neuro.

the DMDs (Disease Modifying Drugs) are a big issue for you to get your head around enough to make a choice.

accept any literature s/he brings and say that you’d like to peruse it at your leisure.

the services that can be offered include physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapy and others.

these are all worthwhile.

the O.T. can get grab rails fitted in your bathroom which are a godsend.

s/he may just want a chat with you.

relax, the ms nurses are lovely.

Can’t add anything to what Sue and Carole have said. I have been assigned a nurse and all I can say is that she is fantastic. I went to see her in clinic, I have all my notes stored on my phone which she told me to get out and we would go through all my concerns/notes etc. All my questions were answered and more. It felt like more of a chat with a friend than a health professional. I have had cause to ring her on 2 occasions, left a message on voicemail and received phone calls back within a couple of days. Although I am heading to diagnosis in April I feel extremely lucky to be surrounded by such a fantastic caring team of people.

Good luck

Mel x