MS lesion placement Questions

Hi Everyone,

Needing some advise. I have had Symptoms of MS for several years now. My symptoms include Tremors in my wedding ring fingers and the equivalent on my toes on my feet, Numbness off and on on different parts of my body, aching body and stiff muscles, Itchy sensations over my body and weird spells of Dizziness and strange head zaps. Another symptom i have is body twitching all over my body constantly, unsure this is related directly to MS but it doesn’t stop and is daily ongoing for 4 years now.

I had a MRI a few 5 years back and the results where clear. I had my second MRI last week and resulted in coming back with 2 lesions in deep white matter of my frontal lobes on the left and right side. one measuring 1.3cm and had also listed on the MRI it had caused non-specific Gliosis. The doctors mentioned he doesn’t believe that are the usual sports for MS lesions. However all my symptoms fall into MS symptoms. Just wondering if anyone else can help me understand if the location means its not MS? or has anyone with MS have a similar situation? The doctors are recommending another Scan in 6 months with close monitoring biut im going mad in pain and fatigue and just want to know whats going on.

Thanks in advance for anyone who has time to help answer this


Hi, Maddie! You don’t say whether or not the doctors you’ve seen are neurologists. If they’re not, then ask your GP for a referral so that you can find out whether or not you have MS or anything else neurological going on. Did the MRIs you’ve had include a scan of the spine/neck and, if so, were there any lesions there? There seem to be unanswered questions here, so keep on at your GP until you get answers. Also, your GP should be able to give you something to help ease your pain too.

I so understand your frustration with all of this. I’m no expert on lesions, being relatively new to this myself but, as the doctors you’ve seen so far are happy to leave having another MRI for another six months, then I would be confident that your scan didn’t show anything sinister. However, as I’ve already said, I would keep on doing battle via your GP and/or consultant until you get an explanation as to the cause so that it can be treated.

Wishing you well. xxx


I’m afraid I can’t answer your question; only a consultant neurologist can interpret a brain scan.

Have you seen the ‘sticky’ thread at the top of the board? …“A brief beginner’s guide to the brain and MRI”… The attached link will take you straight to the thread. Posts #1 #2 and #5 you may find interesting, although they won’t answer your particular question. They were written a few years ago by a forum member called Karen - posting as ‘Rizzo’. She left the forum some time ago so, sadly, isn’t answering questions, and now appears as ‘inactive user’.