Ms is ruining my life

Ms is ruining my life ever since I was diagnosed 9 years ago my syptoms have gotten worse my bowels don’t function properly so I can’t go to the toilet properly I’m bloated every day as I even find it hard to pass gas I’ve had all sorts of tests done and I’ve tried all sorts of treatment without any success and coupled with that I have erectile distinction which has got to a point now where even viagra dosnt work plus when I do have sex I get no pleasure or feeling during intercourse and it has got to a point now where I feel I will be single for the rest of my life as I feel it wouldn’t be fair for any woman to have to put up and deal with my problems.

I get where your coming from. Not being as mobile I feel it’s not so sexy that stripping is more like thank god I’ve finally got my clothes off collapse in a heap till I recover. Everyone assures me life goes on hmm

I do realize things could be a lot worse and I shouldnt complain really as there are people out there that are far more worse off than I am I guess it’s more out of frustration than anything you don’t realize how much you take certain things for granted until there no longer there yes life goes on but that dosnt make these things any easier

Poor mark I can sympathise/empathise. Just no interest in the bedroom at all… Between being too tired, too weak, feeling rubbish about how i look I think right now I could gladly live without sex for the rest of my life. Don’t think my husband would be too happy though. I’d say we have had it about twice since Christmas. MS sucks. As do the treatments and side effects. :frowning:

I really shouldn’t be complaining as I know there are people on here a lot worse off than I am I really hope things improve for you :slight_smile: x


i dunno what age u r but u r quite right in complaining! this ms malarkey is sh*t! so vent away on here-often ‘getting it out’ helps.

‘alot worse of than you’ that depends! what does ‘worse of’ really mean? its not a competition! comparision (in my experience) is beneficial to nobody. if its bothering you its important.


I’m 33 what I mean by worse is there are people that are less mobile people who can’t walk etc granted this dosnt make my problems any better but I guess things could be worse but it’s nice to have people to talk to who are in a similar situation as myself :slight_smile:

mark, i’m guessing that you’re 34.

cos mark1980 - year of birth?

i used to be carole58

its a crock of crap this ms.

i was doing quite well for the first 5 years but this is my 6th year with ms and i can feel myself going downhill.

i cuss and swear at it (the ms) to the point where i think i might have developed tourettes.

anyway tomorrow i’m going to pick up my friend near chorley and then we are going to the phones 4 us arena in manchester to see elbow.

i’ll be fuming if the ms doesnt play nice!

hope you feel better soon

carole x

carole x


i thought that was what u were maybe meaning.

i am in a powerchair and have speech probs amongst a load of other physical issues BUT i am in a good place mentally (which hasnt always been the case).

so-yes-u r right it could be alot worse but dont underestimate the inner strength that we all have-we often just dont realise it!

yes talking-in reality or virtually does help…


I’m actually 33 but I’m 34 this year :slight_smile: I know how you feel I wasn’t so bad for the first few years but I can feel my symptoms slowly getting worse but I try my best not to let it stop me I get fatigued a lot and with working where I do it can be hard at times and I takes a lot of effort and will power to get through some days but I far to stubborn to let it stop me lol Oh cool is it not called the men arena anymore? Or is it a different arena all together? Hope you have a good night and your ms dosnt ruin it for you. Mark x

I’m glad to hear your mind is in a good place a lot of people would just feel sorry for them selves then again let’s face it most people feel sorry for them selves when they get a cold if only they realized how lucky they were than maybe they wouldn’t complain x

mark - yes it used to be the MEN arena but now its phones 4 u

if you live near manchester are you going to ms life?

carole x

I was diagnosed eight years ago and it has ruined my life. I was led to believe that things wouldn’t get this bad for many years. Knowing there are people worse off doesn’t actually make me feel any better, though it does keep things in perspective. Apparently I look well, so I must be ok.

Carole - No I live in blackpool do they have anything like that near here? Mark

That the thing with ms a lot of the symptoms Arnt noticeable to other people you may look well on the outside but it’s only you who knows how they feel on the inside. I hope you feel better soon.

Hi, it sure does take it`s toll on a person.

People tell me I seem to cope and remain bubbly.

I do my best, but if i had no support I would be in a mess…literally!

Hang on in there guys, we may be broken, but we are still here.

luv POllx


I emphasize with your situation. Your symptoms or worse is what MS is all about and at isnt it frustrating that there are no answers?. I think the best we can do is try things on a trial and error basis to see what helps. I do not eat meat/processed foods and some people swear by the Jelinek diet which might be worth a punt if you have already done so. I guess it is our central nervous system blocking messages to the Sacral nerve area, and there is progress being made with spinal injuries which I hope will help us in future. I worry that sittting down to much and generally being sedentary makes everything worse in that area of our bodies, like how a wire being folded can effect the current getting through. But what do I know!. Peter

Sounds feasable Peter. My body is squashed when in wheelie and I like to stretch out in bed, mainy for catheter`s sake.

I have nil mobility and have recently lost my standing strength. My carer does a few leg exercises for me…not with her legs…mine That didnt sound right!


Hi Mark…

Am sorry on the way you feel. You say that you have been diagnosed for 9yr, must off been at a young age for you… that would of made you 24.

Am 44, soon to be 45, and am dredding the day I get told what I have, wither it’s MS or something else. Yes it will be nice to get a diagnosis.

I feel the same as you, that my symptoms are getting worse on a daily basis and until I get a diagnosis there is nout I can do.

Take care

Hi Mark, Sorry to hear you are feeling the way you do. I get a little down sometimes, as anyone with this sh#%€y disease does. It seems that you have the right attitude thinking about perspective.I tend to try and deal with it in a similar manner, having served in the army I count myself lucky that I am not in Afghanistan losing my friends or limbs to IEDs, as at least MS is a slower progression and I have time to get my head around disability…! Try and keep your chin up and ‘crack on’ as we used to say. As I mentioned, you seem to be dealing with it in the right manner… Take care!