lifes unfair

Ms is so unfair :frowning: I mentally want to go back to work just cant physically life is so frustrating everything is so hard to do the simplest thing. Life is an emotional roller coaster :frowning:

Hugs to you (((((((hugs))))))) it’s a horrible thing to have a and affects us all differently but I understand what your saying!!! I hav had to put my childcare course on hold for now until I can get it under control or at least become more stable!!! I look in the mirror and my reflection shows a fairly healthy looking person but inside I know I’m a wreck who struggles to get through the day!! Just know you aren’t on your own, there are soo many people here who understand and listen and give their support. Take care Kate x x x

I would say im glad someone understands me but no one should have to go through this. Ive had to give up my hope of going to uni no hope of work. Going for a very active iam now in a wheel chair life is not fair xx

Sympathise and know exactly what you mean. I have just had to stop and it is definitely not my first choice. I have been off for the last 6 months and am losing the will to get up in the morning. There is only so much Jeremy Kyle a sane person can take! My head still gets up at 7 every morning but my body cant. Having said that it is still my intention to find something I can cope with but god knows what that will be. I think that life becomes bearable if you find something to occupy yourself with but know that this option is governed by how your body is coping at the time. I hope you find a happy medium and get some peace of mind. Gary

I’ve been ill now for 2 years and recently saw a psycologist as I had been diagnosed with a “chronic lifelong condition”. I was devastated when the consultants letter arrived detailing my “lack of acceptance” . I had a huge relapse and it is believed that I may have Behcet Disease and MS…awaiting results. Well, you know what I have started to accept that I have flashes of the executive who has a really agile mind and I was known as being so energetic…but they are overshadowed by the person grappling with overwhelming pain and fatigue. Its equally difficult for those who work for me and with me…I have now insisted I work part time and it isnt really great for the business but I’m just not ready to totally QUIT. I enjoy being in amongst people SO very much, though I know that really soon I have to face up to the fact that it I need to quit and find a different life. I am 45, and my husband has good retirement plans in place and retires soon, but this is so difficult for me and it must be even more difficult for someone younger. One day you are at the top of your game…the next you are grateful to be alive. i think it is good thatyou have identified that although you want to work mentally…you undersatnd that you cant cope with it physically…Gill xx

Thank you do much for your support guys. Fingers crossed on your results gill. I totally agree with you gary Jeremy kyle is unbearable. I have a 99 month old so she is the reason I get up in the morning I know its horrible to say but if it wasn’t here I wanted be I’m in my 20s and struggling coping with this proxy disease :frowning: x

9 month even * x

It is incredibly frustrating, and unfair. Particularly the invisible symptoms I think, because how exactly do you explain the fatigue and strange sensations to somone?

No matter how you explain fatique people always its laziness or just go to bed I wish it was that easy xx

No matter how you explain fatique people always its laziness or just go to bed I wish it was that easy xx

No matter how you explain fatique people always its laziness or just go to bed I wish it was that easy xx

No matter how you explain fatique people always its laziness or just go to bed I wish it was that easy xx

It is so very hard, you feel like your life as it always was is just being taken away from you bit by bit.

I was in tears with the fatigue about teatime yesterday.

We are all in the same boat, and this site helps so much

Jools X

Same here so nice to talk y to others who understand x

Hi, I know, life is unfair. But there are 2 adages which keep me sane;

  1. I may be broken but I`m still here

  2. There is definitely always someone worse off than me.

I met many lovely folk at the hospice I used to go to for therapy and respite. They lost their battle with cancer, bless `em.

luv Pollx

ps I dont mean to belittle your condition or feelings, but we have to find a way of coping and fight on, eh?

I know that I really do appreciate the advice just find it hard being young and baby it gets me down not being able to take her for a walk or even bath her its depressing x