I normally take diazepam to take the hugs away, but I’ve had this hug for 4 solid days now!! Apart from having no diazepam left, I don’t think it’s a good idea to ‘be off my head’ for 4 days !!! What does everyone else take?

keep smiling


Hiya Kath

Have had MS hug since Easter-I upped Amytriptyline dose which has taken edge of it-tho its still there. The side effects of a higher dose are a nightmare so am sitting it out for now…

Have u tried other drugs to assist/ease?

Ellie x

Hiya Cath. I have to say how the intellectuals can possibly call these “hugs” astounds me!! Hugs they aint, more like strangle holds by Tyson!! Anyway I dont think Im allowed to tell you how I ease them, I,ll just say its green & organic!!! Doesnt cause the nightmare side effects. Dont suppose thats helped much? Hope “Tyson” lets you go soon! Tracey xx

I have the ‘hug’ all the time and have tried various drugs but all had mind bending side effects. My doc suggested Anodyne Therapy (Google it). It’s a system of infra red emitting pads that you strap round your chest or ‘hug area’. The pads seem to relax the muscles and greatly reduces pain. I have a 30 minute session every morning after my shower at 7 o’clock.
It really works…and no drugs!

Perhaps gentle heat from a hair dryer may help with the THUG.


thank you everyone !

damn hugs !! i think i’ll see my GP next week , that’s if he’s not on strike !!!

I don’t like ‘the green stuff’ it makes me sick !!! well it did when I was 16 !!!

It’s just so damn sore - it even hurts when I smoke !!! going to try give up in a week or so, although how the hell I’m to do that with the HUG is beyond me !!

keep smiling

Cathx i’ll keep you updated x

You could try my remedy Cath; wearing an MP3 player with relaxing music on it.

I think that Baclofen has had a mild affect on it and Amitriptyline is great but it doesn’t do much for ‘the hug’ any more.

Good luck, if you come up with anything new please let me know, as I suffer with it most of the time.


Will do Wendy ! I take Amitriptyline too- every day to calm my bladder, but it doesnt seem to do anything for the hug. It’s diazepam i take, but i’m taking them all the time, don’t want to become addicted !!

keep smiling