MS hug treatments - help/advice

Hi, I’m looking for advice/ideas and things that may have worked for others. My mum has had the MS hug as a permanent symptom for around 13 years now. She never seems to get any relief. I am wondering if anyone knows of any neurologists or pain specialists that specialise in the MS hug and it’s treatment or management as nothing seems to give her any relief and it’s severely affecting her quality of life. She is always in pain. She has tried so many different medications and also has a spinal cord stimulator but nothing touches the hug. As her family we are fed up of her attending appointments when they say they haven’t got anything more to suggest, or she gets rejected for potential treatments, and then it’s just left and she now hasn’t had pain management since before 2019. When I research online, it’s suggests many people have the MS hugs short term and it comes and goes but hers is permanent. Any help or recommendations would be much appreciated.

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I’ve never heard of anyone having a long-term hug. Has your mother had back x-rays? Anything odd showing up on her MRI’s that the doctors might have ignored?

For short-term relief, all I could suggest is an electric heating pad and/or a different mattress/bed.