Can ms hug go on for eight weeks?

I’ve been having a flare up for nine weeks, but at the eight weeks mark I got ms hug around my torso, and have had it every since Can it go on for this long? Everywhere I look always suggests that it didn’t go on that long. I’m having to sit up on the sofa to sleep as laying down just makes it wise, I’d just like to be free from pain and back in my bed again.

Yikes, that sounds horrible, I have never heard of such a long term condition. I think I would be hassling anyone and everyone to try and get some relief. #1 (in my opinion) your GP and or MS nurse needs to be aware of the significant impact of this symptom as it might have other negative impacts on you and those around you.
Time to make a fuss I think.
The only relief I had from my (short term) MS hug was to be super conscious of my breathing and any movement triggers. some people apply heat pads, some cool blocks. If you can try to experiment with anything to help. (although you probably are already)
Hope you feel better soon

Hi @HighlandMary,

I was sorry to read you are struggling with your MS Hug. Mine lasted a long time and I had to self manage by eating smaller meals throughout the day, as that used to aggravate my hug (squeeze). I also used to apply moderate heat, as I had numbness as well and couldn’t feel the temperature.

I really hope it starts to ease for you soon as I know and appreciate how uncomfortable it is. I used to have to wear ‘all in ones’ or dresses, as I couldn’t have waistbands touching. it also used to affect my movement, so lets hope it soon eases. Speak to your MS nurse if not, they may be able to offer other advice and guidance.

My blog on Instagram @invisible_load_of_life touches upon dealing with the challenges - that may provide some comfort too.

Sending love :heart: Nin x