Hi everyone, sorry to go anon on this, just thought it was a daft question, anyway on and off I get the hug, but what I also get is nerve pain in both my legs and feet, face, now when I get this I also get only what I can say feels like someone has either got a belt or there hands around my thighs and feet and they are crunshing then, with this I also get really bad nerve pain, has this happened to anyone else, takns anon, x


This must be common in MS as I also get nerve pain but not just in my legs also my heels and elbows which is very uncomfortable. perhaps you could maybe try amitryptiline just 10mg to start with as that might take the edge of your aches and pains or talk it over with your doctor or nurse, as this is usually the best way to get to the bottom of it.

Hope this is of help


Yes anon, it feels like someone has me plugged into the electricity, its sharp, hurts like h.ll and goes all stiff. It lasts anything from 5 mins to days. Mine goes away then comes back when I think its gone. Worst is when driving and its happened twice. Luckily both times I was in a car park just coming onto the main road, I managed to stop until it calmed down.

Hope yours soon goes, if not try get meds to help with the pain, its horrific sometimes.




Your choice of course, but you needn’t have gone anonymous for this. I’m sure lots of people will have had similar, so why’s it daft?

Feelings of constriction are quite common. When I had the relapse that led to my diagnosis, I described the sensation in both feet (or rather, the lack of it), as: “like having concrete socks on”. That feeling that something uncomfortably tight and unyielding is round the affected part, cutting off the circulation.

So I don’t think it’s daft or unusual. To people who don’t have MS, it probably does sound quite barmy, but not to those that do.



had the hug last xmas around my waist and the most uncomfortable experience i’ve had(tied with mri or lp)

get nerve pain in feet they go really cold,take amytriptyline it helps me,ask gp


thanks for you tips, I’m taking gabepentin at the moment, however maybe this isn’t having the right affect, x