MS hug - in the shower?!?

Hi all,

i had a bad summer with severe symptoms which have calmed down and are now only minimal. In summer one of the symptoms was a awful tightening only around one side of my torso it felt like constant Braxton hicks and was there for about 2 weeks. I now think this may have been the MS hug. Stupid question I now get this “hug” sensation one sided on the same side every time I have a warm shower - when I get out of the shower it goes? Does this sound stupid?

ali x

hi aaliyah it may be a reaction to the heat of the shower. however EVERY TIME you have a shower sounds a bit much (lot much). i’m assuming you have told your ms nurse and she or he has labelled it as the ms hug, if you haven’t, then tell her or him. with ms nothing sounds stupid. i described my symptoms as “you couldn’t make it up” to my ms nurse and she thought it was a good way to describe them. hope you can relax carole x