MS Hug how do you know


Just a simple question but maybe not so simple to answer.

I have RRMS also Ankylosing Spondylitis and for years I have had this tight feeling all round my chest, which I had put down to being the AS it feels as though my ribs are crushing me.

So the question is what does the MS hug actually feel like as I would love to know which I have had for all these years?

Be grateful for any replies.

Janet x.

Hi Janet

Sounds just like my MS Hug.

I was diagnosed with MS 6yrs ago and I have had the hug for the past 2yrs. It never goes away. Feels like I have a tight belt around my ribcage.

Ibuprofen helps a little and deep breathing.

Hope yours eases soon.

Shazzie xx

Hey Janet,

I get “The Hug” (or Banding as they now call it). Mine comes and goes and can last from an hour to 3-4 days. Feels like (and don’t ask how a man knows this) that you are wearing a bra that is a little too small for you. Sharp deep breaths are really uncomfortable and its just a heavy tightness across your chest.

Thats how it is for me, but after I realised I wasn’t going to die from it I stopped worrying. Its just a pain and I agree with Shazzie that Ibuprofen is definately the best help I have found (maybe with paracetamol also).

Lets hope yours just comes and then goes even faster :slight_smile:


BShazzie & Bigus,

Thanks for your replies, and yes it feels exactly like your bra is to tight. I’m just a little cross with my rhumatologist for making me think all this time it was the AS that was causing it. But being completely fair to him at the stage he informed me it was AS he didn’t know I also has MS.

Thanks very much

Janet x x