M.S hug??

The other day I experience this horrendous pain heavy and burning and tight like an elephant was standing on me then it also went into my back. I felt freezing cold as well. It lasted for about half an hour. Next day my whole rib cage hurt like I had been squeezed by something. Could this have been the m.s hug? Told Dr nothing to do with heart. Any advice and comments are greatly appreciated x

hi janey

it truly is a horrible symptom.

the first time i had it, my husband and my sister were waiting to go out with me when i went very quiet, very still, clutched my chest and started breathing shallowly.

they were about to phone an ambulance but i had a feeling it was ms.

it passed within half an hour.

the second time was a nightmare and lasted all night.

it felt like my ribs were being cracked from within.

the day after it felt like i’d been beaten up.

the hug is caused by the little intercostal muscles between the ribs going into spasm.

muscle relaxants are the only meds that work on it.

Hugs are supposed to be cuddly!

carole x

Thank you for your reply and I’m sorry to hear you have experienced this also. I am not yet diagnosed but I have so many other symptoms and relapses that are just the same as ms. I knew it wasn’t a heart attack as I am only 34 and it was more the whole of my torso around my chest and back rather than within. I’ve told the doctor and they are now sending me for a eeg and neurologist. And the way my rib cage felt the next day told me it was muscular. May I ask please what type of ms you have? Kind Regards Jane

Yes - I felt like my body was being squeezed through a tiny rubber tube. Horrible!

Did you feel freezing cold at the same time? x

Not that I recall, but I also have raynauds syndrome which makes me feel cold at random times! Not sure if they are linked (being new to all this I’m avoiding google at all times at the moment) x

Don’t blame you on that one. I think talking to ppl is much better than Google x

hi janey

i was diagnosed with rrms in 2008.

looking back there have been many unexplained episodes of strangeness, but my doctor and i just thought it was me who is strange!

that may explain why my first MRI led to my diagnosis, it must have lit up like blackpool!

carole x

Hi Carole, I did have an MRI in 2012 which I had to push for and it came up clear but I wanted one on my spine but they said no due to budget!! Janey x


Is your GP concerned about the refusal to do a spine MRI because a letter from him could help.

It’s awful how budgets are affecting things like this.

Come the revolution!

Carole x

Hi Carole, that was the gp but that was back in 2012. After that I’ve gone to Dr a few times as I felt I was just left to get on with it and than them handing out prescriptions that don’t work. From what I’ve read an eeg can show things up which I’ve got in 3 weeks?! Jane x