ms hug

Hello everyone hope you all had a good weekend

I am hoping one of you lovely people can help.

I am feeling very down today I have no reason to be my problem is I had a bad relapse at Christmas time last year as most of the symptoms have recovered I have still got this tightness around my chest I have been told by nurse that it is what they call the ms hug.

I just wondered if anybody else has this plus does it usually last this long really worried that it is not going to go away.

Thanks for listening Anne x

Hi Anne

I suffer with the hug. It is you describe a tightness around the chest. I know that some people who suffer from it say that it does go from time to time but mine has been there constantly for a few years now. I hope yours eases soon for you because it is really annoying. Gabapentin helps mine.

Take care.

Shazzie x

Hi Anne

I’m not sure what the MS hug actually is - some people seem to have it really bad, but when I had it, it felt like I was wearing a tight belt around my waist - not painful or disabling, just annoying. It lasted for about 6 months (which is longer than most), but did eventually go. In fact, I’ve had many different sensations over the past 6 years, but the only one which has never gone away is tingly fingers!

Emma x

Thanks Emma for your message it is exactly like what you describe just like somebody has pulled a tight belt round me some days tighter than others

I now know there is hope that it might go away.

I am glad that you finally got relief it is not a nice thing to have.

Anne x

I believe that I had MS hugs for years which were diagnosed as Costochondritis because I also had a Dx of Fobromyalgia.

Hard to explain to anyone who has not had similar, especially a doctor !


I relapsed after Xmas and got the hug. I described it to people as a boa constrictor around my ribs. I found out since on here it’s the intercostal muscles between your ribs spasming. It’s mostly gone now but tends to flare up after eating. Just a bit tight and uncomfortable now, especially wearing a bra.