MS Hug

I have a question regarding MS Hug, as in how do you recognise it and does it go away? To let you understand I get a tightening/spasm round my stomach and waist which comes and goes many times throughout the day. It is not painful as such, more irritating and uncomfortable and really bugs me. It also happens during the night and is affecting my sleep. If I can pinpoint what it is I could try to address the problem. Any help appreciated Thanks Gary

The tightening / spasms sound right. Mine have always been around rib area and incredibly painful - can’t move or speak, breathing hurts. Always pass but hubby says my facial expression is like a rabbit caught in headlights - total panic. He reminds me to breathe and that it will pass. Have been ‘lucky’ in that have only had them when he’s around. Hope this helps. Ann xx

For me it felt like a tight band. Around my rib cage. It hurt to breathe and eventually went after about 4 months. You have my sympathy. I hated it. Hope it goes. Soon Lynn


Mine doesn’t completely go away. Gets worse when hot or stressed.

I saw my neuro yesterday and discussed the hug with her. She said she thinks it is one of the worst symptoms of MS and can be very painful or less painful but with the tight band.

Hope yours improves for you.

Shazzie xx

When I’ve had it before I have trouble eating as it feels so tight that I don’t think I can get food in. Shortness of breath too.

Mine improves, but will always be the first thing I notice coming back if I get too tired.

There were some really helpful tips posted a while ago with suggestions which may ease it.

hope yours improves soon


Hi all,

I got my dx in August. I’ve had a constant hug in the left side of my chest since Oct 2012 all the time 24/7/365. It’s worse at night but it’s not unbearable crushing pain as many others have just constant discomfort.

So does anyone else have something similar and how do they medicate it.

I take Amytriptyline at night and co-coldamol but they only have a limited effect.

All suggestions welcome