MS groups - NW london

Dear All

I have just been diagnosed with MS. Just before Xmas 2018.

I am coping ok…up and down everyday. However I am back at work four days a week, working from home.

Are there any one in NW London that would like to meet up? The main ms group that there in my area meets up during the weekday and that doesn’t work for me…

It would be nice to meet up where we can laugh, cry and have people who kind or understand what we are going thru,when family doesn’t.




Welcome to the forum. So sorry you’ve had the diagnosis that’s brought you here.

You can have a look on the Get Involved tab (at the top of this page), close to the bottom of that page is a search box for Find support near you. Put your postcode in the search box and you might find a suitable group for you.

And of course we’re always here, some of us are quite kind and understanding. Sometimes we laugh and even cry together.