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Hi this is my first post, I’m new ish to MS. I was diagnosed in 2019, just wondering if there are others in the North Wales area? Just looking to maybe meet or make friends with others who understand etc.

You can use the link below to check if there are any support groups in your area. I hope you find something suitable.

Local support | Multiple Sclerosis Society UK (

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Welcome to the forum, Claire! This is a great place to ask questions, learn, and even make friends, albeit from a distance. You can send private messages to members or even post as “anonymous” on an as-needed basis. I hope we hear more from you soon!

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Thanks, I have seen theres groups, but not running due to covid.


Hello Claire

as you have said Covid has put a stop to meeting others.

I have really missed the MS Therapy Centre (NW), Missed the HyperBarricOxygen Therapy and missed the chats around the table with coffee, cakes and biscuits.

we got support from the group in many different ways, Learning Mindfulness Meditation was excellent, Learning about PIP and how to apply, All manner of things that the others use.

I use up my daily swearing allowance on Covid the … (enter an alliterative word of your choice).

Carole x

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Hi Carole,

I haven’t been to anything so far even before covid, just seeing whats about really, but mainly closed at the mo.

Claire x

Hi Claire,

If you’ve got a Facebook account, you might want to consider following MS Cymru. They’ve been active throughout Covid with a variety of Zoom meetings, also could direct you to a local group who temporarily meet online, again via Zoom .

Hope that helps . smiley

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Welcome Claire,

Glad you found us. Local MS groups usually meet once a month for coffee, cake and a natter.

They used to organise weekly exercise classes and talks by people who could offer advice like OTs or Physios.

My group meet at a garden centre which is great as I can then do some shopping after a good chat.

The group also has a facebook page too so it’s worth searching as whammel suggested.

Let’s hope we can meet up again soon.

Take care.


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Thanks :grinning:

Hopefully we can soon, fingers crossed thanks

Hi ClaireMC - it is good to know that other folk in North Wales are around and about but as you note, meeting up face to face has been tricky.
It is my daughter who has MS and we both live in North Wales. Unfortunately, she moved just before covic-19 lockdown so never got to know anyone pre isolation. She is currently in hospital but hoping for discharge in the very near future. Another MS friend of mine has already mentioned to me about the meet ups that are about to start up again. I guess the MS Cymru Facebook page would be a good point of call as well as chasing up the local groups. Feel free to message me direct and I will try to keep you up to date with what I discover for my daughter too.

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Hey KatsMum, thanks for your reply, so far apart from on here, i don’t really know anyone. I meant to check out that facebook page and then totally forgot doh, will have to make sure i do. Hopefully we can all get back to some kinda normal soon, whatever that is and the groups can start again.

Hi Claire, I was reading through some posts, whereabouts in North Wales are you? It’s my husband Colin who has MS and I’m his carer. We live in Porthmadog, there isn’t much support in this area. We don’t know anyone in this area with MS. Things are tough at the moment with covid but hopefully life will get back to normal soon!

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Hi Debbie, I’m in Flintshire, aww that’s a shame, yes hopefully life will get back to normal soon.

Hi Debbie, also Claire,
Just to reassure you there is lots of Support for you in N. Wales. Take a look at this link.

Hope that helps .

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Coming back to this, I saw this on Facebook this morning which proves there IS a help out there …

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