MS and Tetanus, Dyptheria, Polio Vaccination


Cut my finger badly today so needed stitches. I told the doctor I suffered with MS. He said that I needed to have a Tetanus vaccination which now came as a triple and included protection against Dyptheria and Polio.

Just wondered if anyone else here had had this innoculation.

Thanks as always for your advice with this.

Shazzie xxxxxxx

Hello Sharon,

I am afraid that I can’t really answer your question 100%, but as this interests me, I will be eager to read other posts. I do a lot of gardening (and also own a rabbit who likes the taste of human flesh) and sometimes cut myself, so I am often left thinking that perhaps I should have a tetanus jab. I have had MS for 20+ years and since that time I have always read that people with MS should avoid boosters so as not to enliven our over active immune systems. This is confusing, as I often read of people with MS who travel abroad, so I assume they will have to have yellow fever (etc) jabs too. I hope that you have had no negative effect with this trio of jabs.

Best Wishes,


Hi Moira

Thank you for your reply. I was really nervous to be honest but after 5 hours in A & E I just did as I was told and had the jab.

I had it yesterday at 3.30 and I have no effects at all. The nurse said I might feel a bit feverish but I haven’t felt any different at all.

Thanks again for your reply and I will let you know if any effects happen. Fingers crossed they won’t.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

I had the combined dip,tet,polio one a couple of years ago with no problems at all. The only thing I have been told I’d that people who are on drugs that lessen their immune system shouldn’t have ‘live’ vaccines. As I have had Campath I wasn’t allowed to have the yellow fever jab, neither was my other half who takes immune suppressant drugs for arthritis. I have had loads of vaccinations for travel reasons since having MS and have been ok, but I always check with the doctors first