ms and vaccines need tetnus

Hi, I stupidly stood on a nail in the garden, it just broke the skin and bleed a small amount but a nurse at the gp said to go in for a tetnus jab, its now combined with polio and diperia. Really dont like this as polio is a live vaccination. Any advice…

I share your concern and avoid live vaccines, and certainly some neuros say to avoid them unless really necessary. Why cannot they get you a solo tetanus jab? I am sure they can if they can be bothered. Can you get advice from your MS nurse or neuro? Don’t be bullied - make sure your GP at least has thought this through before you accept a live vaccine, I would suggest. You are not making a fuss about nothing here! Alison

I don’t think the polio vaccine included with the tetanus and diphtheria is a live vaccine. It was a live vaccine when it was oral polio but now it is an injection with tetanus and diphtheria. But isn’t tetanus an anaerobic problem I.e. Tetanus grows in conditions where there is no oxygen, I.e. In a wound that doesn’t bleed. Since your wound was bleeding it sounds like tetanus should n’t be a threat. But I’m not a doctor and I don’t want to spark a debate here, however, I personally would n’t go near it! Cheryl:-)


Here’s a link to the NHS website, about tetanus vaccinces. Seems that if you’ve had the full course of 5 jabs when you were younger, you are covered for life. Only needing a booster if you didn’t have all 5. You’re GP should know this though.


Ah! Well that would solve the problem! Always good to check, though.