Vaccines with MS

Hi guys, I know people with MS have to be careful with vaccines, and I was wondering what your experiences are with this. I’m travelling to Indonesia in 1 week and I think I might need to take Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Tetanus, and Polio vaccines (just did a Google search). Thanks!


Speak to your GP or neurologist about it. I think where you go will decide if you need anything. I went to Jarkata years ago (pre MS), but didn’t need any vaccinations or malaria medication,


It’s ‘live’ vaccines that you have to be careful of. The only one I absolutely know is live is Yellow Fever. As Dan said, ask your nurse at your local surgery - they’ll have a list of what you need for different countries and will be able to work out what is needed plus what is safe with MS. Enjoy Indonesia. Sue

Thanks! Will check with my doc anyway