MS and sunscreen

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On the Aubagio page over on Facebook, a guy posted an interesting article regarding sun lotion suppressing MS symptoms in mice.


Hi Neil,

Interesting but strange. How can they tell suncream suppresses MS symptoms? The mice can’t talk and as all of us with MS can verify lots of our symptoms are sensory and invisible.

Boggles my mind (as my daughter would say).


Maybe they regard lesion load as it appears on MRI scans as a fair proxy for ‘MS symptoms’? That doesn’t always follow in people, but maybe it does in mice - or at least they might decide to assume it does in the absence of a better idea…

I suppose those sort of ‘little’ problems pale into insignificance against the rather bigger problem posed by the sad fact that mice are mice, while we are not. That tends to be a wee bit of a dicey one when it comes to extrapolating from mice to people!

Interesting idea, though. If it turns out to be the answer, or half the answer, we will all remember where we read it first, so thank you for posting the link, nelster. :slight_smile:


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At the start of July, we honeymooned in Italy for a week. It was in the mid 30’s temperature wise and I recently remarked to my MS nurse (I posted on here too) how I felt the best I had felt in over 10 years. I was shot down on the basis that it was because I was in remission having relapsed in January. I still disagree and OD on vitamin D supplements daily. It was just an interesting idea and I was wondering if my symptoms had been suppressed by the factor 30 lol


Anything that works sounds good to me!


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It was a talking mouse after all! juju

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