Theory about MS cause

Hi Folks

This is more a rant than a theory but I need to say it and it is probably a load of rubbish, so here goes.

Theory According to Artful

I read that Potassium is needed in our bodies to transmit messages chemically through our nervous systems.
Apparently vitamin D deficiency adversely affects MS.
Exercise overcomes many of the symptoms of MS, so I’ve read???

So, if there is an inbalance in any one or two or all three of the above those of us with a damaged gene will get MS. Only some of us have the gene that can be affected.
Intake of salt(sodium) apparently affects the balance of Potassium and so I reduced my intake of salt a few years ago by 90%
All of us in the British Isles must suffer from vitamin D deficiendy because there is not enough sunshine.
I don’t exercise. Not a jot.
If you have diabetes your insulin levels are monitored.
Potassium levels must be absolutely at the correct levels, too much or too little will not allow the chemical to transmit messages through the nervous system. No clinician or neuroligist has ever suggested that my potassium levels should be monitored. Why not???
I can alter my life style to increase vitamin D and that also should be monitored and I can force myself to do more exercise.
We are all in the hands of the Neuroligists and Drugs Industry and the cure for MS is staring them in the face but nothing is really being done.
Rant over. if you spot spelling mistakes in this post, I probably need some sunshine ( vitamin D to the Neurologist)


Sorry Patrick, but do you believe there’s a cure for MS that Neuros and drug companies already know about ?

If that’s the case, how come hundreds of thousands of people are having to cope with various degrees of disability every day ?

It simply can’t be as straightforward as we’d like


Maybe the scientists can’t see the wood for the trees!!!

Anyway, my comment was more of a frustrated rant at what seems to be us, abandoned MS-rs


vit D is there in daylight not just sunshine, but it is more complicated than that…it is a balancing act and few of us are able to get it right.

After taking vit D (lots of) daily relapse free for 5 yrs, prior to - relapse every 3 months for 5 yrs, Just Saying. Theres more to it than that, I take other supplements - Omega 3 (2g!) vit B12, Folic Acid & Alpha Lipoic Acid, and I exercise alot.

The data however is confusing, we all of us take different drugs and or supplement combination to differeing effects. And in all trials involving supplements the data has been confusing too.

Not too sure Patrick, I was a fitness instructor until literally a couple of weeks before I was diagnosed… I told the gym I needed a few weeks off an was gonna wait for my MRI results (some trapped nerve hey?!)

Also, I had to cut back on my Vit D3 supplements and I wasn’t taking vast quatities! As my D3 level is actually too high.

I guess that just goes with us all having our own version of MS;

Sonia x

it is surprising how little testing of pwms goes on.