MS and now trigeminal neuralgia

Hi all, I have been told that the earache ache last year that had me screaming in pain for 2weeks was trigeminal neuralgia

because I am now screaming in pain with tooth pain. 3 visits to dentist absolutely not teeth, saw MS consultant and he

confirmed TN after looking again at my MRI. I am very angry right now, don’t know who with it just seems so unfair that I have

been hit by both. I know I have to get over it and get in with life but right now I just want to be cross and shout (can’t shout, talk,


I take Aubagio for MS and up to of 1200mg tegratol everyday to combat the TN pain. Anybody else out their with tips on how to

cope with this latest nightmare along with MS? I keep a MS diary and I can’t find any triggers that set this of so terrified that

when it finally stops (6 weeks now) it will come back.

many thanks


I’m there as well Lou. I too take (I would use a well know word here it wont be liked) Tegratol but, it increases my unsteadyness. I put that well know word on my Facebook page felt good for moment, now it just seems silly.

David Holmes

Hi Lou l have had this on a few occasions over the last few years .

l had a relapse started a few weeks ago and this was one of the symptoms, my GP gave me steroids and the neuralgia cleared within 48 hours.

hope you feel better soon


Thanks David glad to know what has been causing my hands to be really wobbly and I’m dropping things so much more, tegratol helps with the pain but I didn’t realise that it increased wobbles, good to be able to have an explanation.

Hi Charlie, I will ask GP tomorrow about steroids, I am so tired and muddle headed with the tegratol, David has explained the wobbles, I was terrified MS was getting worse but now I can see it started a few weeks after taking tegratol, so relieved!