MS and humidity

Hi to the forum! I am an expat living in southern Spain for health reasons. I use the internet for up to the minute info on research etc. Today I decided to sign up again after seeing other people´s comments about feeling worse with humidity which felt very supportive for me after a very bad night.

Normally of course the weather in August is difficult for me and I have to be very careful of heat intolerance. Some years I have serious flareups at this time - last year being exceptionally bad with consistent temperatures for weeks over 40 degreesC.

However the problem at the moment is a sudden spate of high humidity with much cloud and heat and no breezes. The pain in my joints during the night was of a very high order especially in my left knee… Ordinary pain killers could not touch the level of pain. Given the normal dry conditions here this makes a very strong case for the damage that humidity can cause people. Looking for solutions at the moment: quite likely to buy some Capaisin (a very spanish solution); I will be more careful about staying hydrated with water. Anyone got any other ideas please about managing what I hope is a temorary situation?

Hello Cassidy,luckily for you I don’t speak any Spanish so I won’t be asking why my armadillo has turned pink.I totally understand your problems with the humility.I live in a small one bedroom flat which is a cross between Steptoe’s Yard and Stephen Hawking’s shed and with three dehumidifiers I can keep the humidity at 35% which I can live in with just my normal abnormalities.My electric bill is bigger than the Greek National Debt…Needs must.

Unless you live somewhere as small, maybe your best option is to try and keep the humidity at a low level in your bedroom.My exhaled breath can raise the humidity by 8-9% in a typical 6-7 hours of fitful sleep. It’s been a while, but two people can raise the humidity by…%.If you keep the door shut you can maintain a decent level, BUT the dehumidifiers produce heat but I periodically use a big fan to blow the warm air out.There are meters which show the humidity in the Amazon for about a fiver,and these are good enough to meet the requirements.

We’ve had high humidity due to strange weather,so I only go out for about an hour then stay in the bedroom for a while to try and ‘recover’.

Good luck,


ps What is Capaisin?

It is capsaicin which is a topical product for arthritic type pains…main ingredient is chilli so washing hands after use is vital.


I’ve found it can have a modest effect in masking joint- and muscle-type pain, which my neuro continues to insist are unrelated to MS!

Really no better than Ralgex, Deep Heat, or similar though - or even some of the treatments that are supposed to feel cold, rather than hot. I’ve got some “tired leg gel” containing menthol, that does a very similar job.