Hi everyone

I have been suffering really badly over the past few days while the humidity here in Bristol has been extremely high.

My legs feel so heavy and painful.

Anyone else?

Shazzie xx

Hi Shazzie hun, sorry to see you are suffering. My legs aching like mad, not just down to the heat tho, have been walking a lot more than usual. Always have trouble with the heat, not sure how much us down to the ms tho. Hope you feel better soon. Cherry xx

Lol Shazzie, we keep missing each other. C xx

Hi Shazzie,

Yeah - same location, same problem. It’s not technically even all that warm, for the time of year, but feels extremely close, doesn’t it?

I went to a small art exhibition yesterday, at the Bristol Guild - you may know it - halfway up Park Street.

I was knackered before I started, as there were no seats on the train, for some reason - not usually an issue on a Saturday. I could see a couple in the distance of the carriage, but accepted I would never be able to fight my way down to them - it does annoy me when there are seats not being used, but those in need have no chance of getting to them.

So I had to stand up facing backwards - which is the wrong way for leaning against the partition when the train moves. In front of me was a baby in a buggy, so that if I fell over, I would fall straight into the child. Ironically, behind me was one of those foldaway perching seats they have by the doors, but with the buggy in front of me, there was not enough room to unfold and use it.

So I arrived already a bit distressed. Luckily did not attempt to walk up Park Street (v. steep) but got the bus. But inside the Guild are loads of stairs - the exhibition was right at the top. It was only a small show, so I wasn’t in there long - about an hour or 90 minutes. Had a glass of wine and some nibbles, but of course, it was all standing, to look at the pictures. So standing, holding my glass, and making polite conversation for 90 minutes left me quite exhausted.

Afterwards I needed a very small amount of shopping, which meant heading UP the hill to Sainsbury’s - and then getting bus & train back with the shopping.

By the time I got home, I was absolutely wrecked, and went to bed.

Later got an email from the friend I’d met up with (who doesn’t have MS, but is much older), saying she had also got home in a state, with legs and back hurting. I said: “Oh, you too? I’ve been blaming the MS, but maybe it isn’t!”

We didn’t have much to drink in there - just the one glass each, so I can’t even blame that. Ridiculous.



Yes me too. It doesn’t even have to be warm but if it’s humid, I’m fit for nothing. It has the worst effect on my legs and mobility, and I have no energy. And in the summer, the best thing is that first thunder storm after a few days humidity that clears the air. I can feel my energy coming back then. I can cope quite well with heat, but humidity finishes me!


I too suffer with the heat , solutions include cooling baths, cooling neck wraps, I have ones called Kerchillers I got from the States which when I was working in London that I find very useful, you soak them in water for 30mins and they last for years if you look after them, lots of colours and designs. A recent suggestion I’ve heard of is wine coolers over the wrists but there are cooling wrist bands. best bet try to find a venue with air conditioning!

Enjoy the summer.


Hmm, now there was me wondering if my total lethargy was to do with starting on the Tecfidera, even though I’d not seen fatigue listed as a side effect anywhere. Humidity’s 91% here right now, but it’s been raining on and off for several days so I suppose that’s to be expected. Maybe I just need to slap myself around some.

I feel for you and I’m also flattened by the humility. I have three dehumidifiers in my small one bedroom flat and keep the humility at about 30%,and willingly accept all donations towards my electric bill.I’ve never seen an explanation of why the humidity affects some of us,I suppose 'cos there’s no money it there’s been no research.There’s some good advice on here and maybe you could run a dehumidifier in one room and use it as a sanctuary.

Wb x

Morning all. This is all pretty interesting because it was pretty humid one day last week (in London) and I felt rather wiped out. I struggled on (have workmen in atm so feel a bit embarrassed to be having a lie down!) but got in car, turned aircon full on, and went to Tesco, which was nice and cool. I felt better afterwards and was wondering why!

Being recently dx I’m still finding my feet with this one. Not sure how I’ll feel when we get a heatwave…


Nice to hear from all you lovelies.

Wb. You are still making me laugh. “humility” hahaha!! Keep smiling!

Yes Lou. If you can keep cool then your symptoms will feel better than they do when we are hot.

Keep a fan on sweets.

Take care.

Shazzie xx

Wouldn’t have thought Bristol was a ‘hotspot!’ for humidity with it’s proximity to the coast.

That might be exactly why though? It is often cooler on the coast because of sea breezes (particularly on the west coast, good ol’ prevailing wind) but I’d guess the humidity’s higher too because of the water evaporating off the sea.

I haven’t really had any sunbathing sessions this year. Guilty pleasure as I like to have a bit of a tan! When I was originally dx I thought that here would be the ideal excuse for a 20 minute session guilt free sunbathing session in the summer; vitamin D being good for MS (although I take a supplement as recommended by the first neuro I saw)

I’ve felt a bit reluctant to sit in the sun as I’m not sure how it’ll affect me. When I was inside the house having one of my big Tecfidera flushes yesterday (and looking like I’d spent a week in a desert without sun protection , lol) I did wonder how this would combine with a tan. Only one way to see…

It’s nice to have shallow thoughts about MS, for a change!

Louise x

Don’t do well with humidity - as in the office right now where a pack of fire ants appear to be doing the samba under my left shoulder blade! My symptoms, sensory though they be, go into over-drive in hot/humid weather (or if I overcook my core temperature exercising).

No - dear TKD Instructor - I will not be grading on 13 July, but thank you for asking.

Yes - not so dear Office Manager - those are my half filled sports water bottles in the freezer (half fill the bottle - prop at angle or stand upright in the freezer until frozen - top up with water/drink which stays wonderfully chilled for ages and can double as a cold pack ) along with my regulation ice-packs.