MS and government support/re-training for a different career

Hi, hope you are all as well as can be…

As time charges on i think of the future and how it might be different. Things could go good or bad so i might as well put a bit of planning in now. Does anybody know of any kind of re-training program/government grant to help people with MS find a different profession in the event that the disease prevents them from continuing in their chosen field?

I work in construction, its a manually challenging job, one that takes it toll on anybody, reguardless of their health status. It would not be outwith the realms of possibility to expect that one day i might need to find a different way to make money.

Is it to be expected that people with MS just resign themselves to the scrap heap once they can no longer continue or can i start re-adjusting my course?

Any thougths appreciated

Hi, have you any thoughts what you might like to retrain as?

A friend was unemployed for a couple of months after finishing uni and she couldn’t find suitable work. Then she found out the jobcentre has links with an advisor who can help people start their own social enterprise or business. She got free training, support and funding to set up a social enterprise community cafe. Which she is manager and owner. All funded by the DWP.

Do you have a hobby that could become a business/ self employment ?

Im a self employed electrician at the moment, i started up last year (april). I wasnt aware at the time that i could apply for funding etc, so i just done it myself. Im not a person who is well off so i definetly would have taken any help i could get.

I suppose i would be better off building on the knowledge i already have and maybe advancing into something a bit less physical, such as electrical engineering or designing circuits. Maybe a role in safety inspection. I think money would be required

hi Ray,have you thought about being a college lecturer or at least somewhere that you could pass on the actual skills you my hubby works in the building trade (roofer,Slater).I can appreciate the difficulties that this type of work entails.I worked in the textile industry for over 30years it was a hard heavy job and had to leave when I become ill get in touch with concentrate and see what they can help you with.they have a disability officer(that’s a word that I really hate to use) it should a less able officer.barring that I can’t think of anything else best of luck with your career change.

good shouts, i’ll phone the dwp,.gov,and concentrate tomorrow and see what info i can pick up.

Being a lecturer would be a bit of a jump, and not one of my first choices but could be considered at a later date.

Im not in terrible shape at the moment, i do feel it everyday, but im sure i can slug it out for a good while longer. Just dont want to end up coming up short one day and feel like the rugs been pulled out from under me.

i mean would it be too much to ask for the government just to drive a bin lorry full of cold hard cash right up to my front door? :stuck_out_tongue:

Go for it.they say that they are helping the people with chronic illness to get into some type of work,or career could be the poster boy for them…

That sounds like a very sensible approach. Drawing on your own area of expertise is definitely the best place to start and the fact that you have valuable qualifications and skills already will surely be a great help.

It is completely rotten luck that you have been dealt the MS card just as you are establishing yourself in your career. Good for you, calmly turning your thoughts to practical matters like how best to adjust your plans to your new circumstances: I do admire your calm good sense.

Good luck.