My partner was diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS two years ago now. He is 28 and currently works on a farm which involves long hours and stressful situations which can exacerbate his symptoms regularly. Adapting to living with MS has been hard as he is a very active person who struggles to accept he can’t do as much physically as he used too. Ideally he’d like to look for new employment but farming is all he’s ever known. Does anyone have any advice about options he could explore? Is there funding available to help with returning to college or university? I understand there’s opportunity for apprenticeships but at this stage in life we have a mortgage and are thinking about having children which requires a regular manageable wage. His employer has been extremely understanding and adapted his role to suit him as much as they can but the hours are just unrealistic to maintain longterm. Appreciate any help, currently feeling stuck in a rut. Thank you!

Hi anon One thing that might be worth looking at is Access to Work. It’s a government thing to support people with disabilities in their job. It can provide advice and funding for things that would help him to do his job (google it and you’ll find the .gov website). And chances are there’s an employment advice service in your area who could provide advice. His MS nurse or GP may know about any local services too. Sorry I can’t help more, but hope that gives something to start on. Dan

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Re-training is a good idea.

Perhaps he could take a course in Farming/Agriculture - there are Foundation Degrees and become a tutor.