MS and Fibromyalgia so alike!!

Hi everyone

I attended a support group yesterday with my friends from the local Fibromyalgia group and have to say that their symptoms are so similar to ours. I thought that all of our symptoms we have with memory/depression/ loss of concentration/balance and general loss of brain power as well as fatigue and acute pain; was because we have a neurological disease which affects the brain and spinal cord. I came across many people who have these same symptoms but they are under a Rheumatologist rather than a Neurologist; their disease is also thought to be linked to Glandular fever but is a lot more difficult to diagnose indeed some doctors refuse to belive it is a real disease.

If anyone has knowledge of scientific reasons for this I would be grateful.


We have something visibly (to the neurologists) the matter with our central nervous system, people with fibro do not (which is one of the reasons people with fibro have such a hard time being taken seriously.) Our condition is degenerative and progressive, their’s isn’t.



Fibro is not known to impair a person’s ability to use apostropes. MS is (in my case, at least, apparently.)



Thank you for that information Alison, it’s all very interesting but I do feel for them, it’s bad enough (for some people) getting a dx of MS.


My mum has been diagnosed with fibro I worry its MS her symtoms are so much like mine I kept on at her to get checked out its not MS she’s had and MRI and they say they don’t think its MS more like fibro sometimes she’s worse than me I just feel for her there’s no support round here like there is for MS :frowning:

The fibro groups are springing up around the country; there may be one near to her where she can get some support.

Good luck to your mum; I do hope she can get some help.


My daughter has struggled with ME/CFS since she was 16 (now nearly 21), she went for years being told it was her age, hormones, etc until finally got to see a neuro who after listening to her history/symptoms said CFS. I still worry greatly because her symptoms also seem so like my own (MRI ruled out MS for her) but she never has improved either! - worrying

One of my older friends in the local MS group had ME many years ago and his son has MS. All of these deseases seem to be connected. My cousin has been told he has ME. It seems that ME is given as a dx when no other dx is found. Good luck to your daughter; it must be very worrying for you, I hope she can get some answers.

Take care


I was diagnosed with ME at 18. Have been investigated twice for MS, have now been told I have fibromyalgia and probable MS.

The symptoms and many of the standard treatments for those symptoms are exactly the same except the DMD’s available for those with MS who are suffering from a relapse.

The neurologist I saw who made the latest FM and probable MS diagnosis wants me to start treatment for FM and seems unwilling to do any further investigation to prove I have MS even though he thinks it’s probable given my symptoms, medical history and family history.

It all leaves me so confused!

I’ve recently read several posts on here where people have been in similar situations as myself.

& as others have said there is a huge amount of support available if you have MS but but very little if you have FM.

There is also a huge stigma attached to having FM or ME when it can actually be just as debilitating as or sometimes even more so than having MS.

For many people FM does get progressively worse over time although it is classed as a chronic illness rather than a degenerative neurological disease.

Yes it seems to me that the more doctors think they know, the more questions there are that no one has answers for. If that makes sense.It is very puzzling. I hope you are able to get some support from this forum. MS was treated the same way as ME before they knew how to dx it.


Yes I’m sure you are correct; I must say their walking was much better than mine at the meeting I attended but from what they tell me their disease does seem to progress in other ways.