I know a few people on here have fibro (some questioning whether it’s really ms or not and some with fibro and ms). Could someone tell me what the differences are between the two, please?? Which ms symptoms are not consistent with fibro and visa versa?? If the MRI comes back with no lesions, is it possible they’ll put it down to fibro??

Hi Kisywisy!

I presume you’re referring to Fibromyalgia. Please take a look at the following NHS websites for a definitive explanation of both conditions. I was quite impressed with the content and you will avoid receiving misinformation.


Multiple Sclerosis

Unfortunately, I’m afraid it’s a case a remaining patient. whilst other possibilites are discounted. Making a definitive diagnosis of MS is both difficult and challenging, as there are a number of other conditions that can mimic MS.

Good luck. Hope you get a definitive diagnosis soon

Tracyann x

These are very interesting links. I had not realised how common fibromyalgia is believed to be - the NHS link says that there is a theory that up to 1 on 20 people worldwide might be affected! Goodness, I had no idea. That might explain why so many people seem to get a fibromyalgia dx: fibromyalgia is very common and MS is very rare - simple as that. Not that anything is every simple with either condition…


Hi Alison

Completely agree with you and I know which one I would rather have been diagnosed with.