Hi all , I’m new here no DX yet waiting to see Nero in two months. I’m 41 4 wonderful children and happy in myself. I was told by a dr about 5 years ago now I had fibromyaglia.and I no it can mimic a lot of things. But I’ve never got the same pain as most seem to get .i get the overwhelming tiredness I don’t even have all the tender points. What I do have is very stiff fingers pins and needles in hands and feet if I walk if I sit it comes and goes all through the day. Dizzy I have walked in to a lot of walls like I’ve been drinking. I forget so many things it’s not even funny anymore.tremors like I need a drink lol btw I don’t drink at all. And I need pads as I want to pee all the time when there’s nothing there. I was told I had over active bladder.that seems to settle for two years and I no this isn’t the same feeling I just leek . I have bad eyesight so as for blurrie eyes yes I do but not for long. So ATM I no something’s wrong but I don’t no what yet.but I’m pretty sure after ten years it’s not fibro or fibro alone. Any advice would be very welcome as I don’t no who else to turn to right now.

Hi Princesspain1!

Firstly, sorry that your post appears to have been unanswered until now.

Secondly, at least the diagnostic testing will not have to rule out Fibromyalgia (FM).

Ok! Hopefully, you have a sympathetic GP and one who is fairly proactive; I would be making an appointment to see him.

As you already know, MS is almost as difficult to diagnose as FM, because the symptoms are often so similar; sometimes vague and sometimes non specific. It’s a case of ruling out other illnesses first. That said, FM will clearly not be a consideration now.

Please take a look at the NHS link below for MS. All the important points are detailed including the diagnostic tools used. Remember knowledge equals power!

Good luck.


Sorry, princessPain1! You’ve clearly already seen your GP and are waiting to see a Neurologist- Doh!

Hello and welcome, Sorry to hear of your problems, let’s hope the neuro can clear things up for you. A lot of what you have said, yes it could be MS or something else. Hopefully the neuro will give you a MRI as that will tell him more and hopefully put your mind at rest. Please keep us updated as we all care. Janet x