I’m gutted! Wrote a huge post and I don’t think it posted… so I’ll be briefer this time: Was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 9 years ago. I’m 30, not overweight and eat an OK diet. Saw a spinal specialist and rheumatologist who diagnosed FM. Tried all drugs and treatments made available to me. I’ve always been very restricted by the pain and fatigue. Unable to work since I became ill. Past few years my symptoms become even more severe and have changed. My hips, knees, elbows and hands become extremely painful. Fatigue increased. I get bladder disturbances. My eyeballs, eye sockets and behind the eyes very painful. Get dizzy and blurred vision. Get loads of weakness, tingling n numbness. Recently sent to a neurologist after years of asking- did basic tests n referred for an mri. Results simply said- they found no neuro inflammation. Got to go back and see the neurologist. Does this mean I don’t have MS? Worried I’ll be shooed away by the neurologist. The level of pain, fatigue etc isn’t normal and I want someone to help. I have no life, and feel I can’t keep living like this. Please help. Thank you.

Who read you those mri results? Were they sent to you via post I wonder? You say you have to go back and see the Neuro, who I assume ordered that scan. I suggest you have bullet point notes with you when you see him/her of what you’re asking here. The appointment is usually short and concise, so be prepared and make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome before you leave.

Yes the results were sent via post- it made for a very short letter. (It also said I have a small amount of degenerative wear in some vertebrae which shouldn’t affect me.) The neurologist said he’d see me again when I had my appointment -before the mri.

If it was me…

Get on to his secretary Monday and explain you need to see him. You’ve had results that you’re not qualified to interpret. You need to see him asap and ask to be put on the cancellation list, if it can speed things up. Good luck