Not diagnosed yet

Hello I am a new member undiagnosed as yet Lumbar Puncture yesterday. I was first taken unwell 7 years ago that was the start of my journey. The first thing that happened was very severe virto that lasted a few weeks. It completely put me on my back. I was sent to see a neurologist who did a MRI of the brain which came back clear. After another year it came back alongside much pain in my body. Aftet another year I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 2012. I went with that as I knew no better. My symptons went from bad to worse greatly affecting my mobility and cognative issues. In 2015 I was so unwell I went back to my rheumotologist with new sypmtoms of tingling and burning in my extremities. My memory was greatly impaired and my walking a lot worse. Further blood tests showed positive Lyme Disease. Now in 2017 I have had a neW MRI which has shown white lesions. I have pallor optic disc and other slow response tests.Blurred vision, loss of balance. Also plantar reflex was ‘mute’ whatever that means.I just want answers after 7 years of hell. Any comments would be apreciated. I am not afraid of diagnoses I just want to get on with my life. Thank you

flippin heck kim,

you’ve had a dx of fibromyalgia and another one of Lyme disease, so hope the LP gives a clearer picture.

i honestly wouldn’t wish ms on my worst enemy but it is survivable.

good luck and let us know the outcome

carole x

Thank you Carole. It has been a very long 7 years. I somtimes don’t know how I am still sane. The trouble is when I go to my GP she says you look well. I tell her of my struggles but of course unless you see me in 'real life’no one sees to mobility issues I have. Now I have got to the stage where enough is enough. I was sent back to the neurologist who saw me 7 years ago for my first symptom of vertigo and dizziness That MRI scan was clear so no follow up. My MRI four weeks ago showed lesions hence the LP. It sounds absurd but if it comes back as MS I will be happy to finally get treated. Maybe the Lyme disease infection has had a greater affect after all. Kind regards Kim