Not yet diagnosed

Hi all sorry for the long list !, I have just joined as hoping to make some sense of what is going on and looking for people who can understand and hopefully relate. I have been ill on and off for a number of years, in fact losing my job of 27 years 2 years ago, due to “new” sickness policy which has no compassion or common sense !. I was finally diagnosed but with fybromalgia and gluten intelorence a year ago, having gone through lots of tests, but no mri. and no referral to hospital departments of any kind, I accepted this and have for a year been learning how to cope with my numerous symptoms, having good periods following very bad ones.

I have been experiencing new symptoms, tremor in my hand, blurry intermittent vision, the severe fatigue is much worse and dizzy, faint feelings, my brain fog is very bad too, I am also very clumsy and unbalanced and using my stick most of the time and finally! Have bad pains… So saw a new GP, sadly my old one died suddenly. He did bloods and I am very low on vitamin D, so 3 months of extra strong tabs, but no improvement, he did state he believes it could all be ms, so I have written down my symptoms and are visiting the GP this week, I now wonder if my fibromyalgia diagnosis is incorrect or maybe you can have both ?. I am so frustrated, I am so debilitated at the moment, I have looked for work to no avail. But honesty I am really not able too at the moment. I hope to get started on the long road to diagnosis of at least get some relief.

Hi there AM

i have no idea how many people suffer both MS and Fibromyalgia.

however if you DO have both then do a search because quite a few people have more than one auto immune condition.

as far as work is concerned it is good to know that MS is classed as a disability, therefore once a company employs you there are certain obligations for them to make reasonable adjustments.

however take advice from someone who knows a lot about employment law beforehand.

with MS there are some excellent Disease Modifying Drugs which aim to reduce the number of relapses.

your symptoms may need to be treated individually.

hopefully the new GP will refer you to neurology.

the neurologist will do a physical exam, ask about your symptoms (the fact that the GP asked you to write down your symptoms will help).

an MRI will probably follow fairly quickly.

take a deep breath and try to ward off stress.

a diagnosis whilst being a relief also brings problems of its own.

but i truly believe that stress causes symptoms to get 10 times worse so de-stress!

Hi thanks for your reply, I go to GP next week so hopefully can get the referral he said he would do, written down everything now so will wait and see. Thanks again for your advice.