New and Confused

Hello all, My name is Lisa Ward, I am new here and thought I will have to start somewhere as I am confused and concern. Over the last 18 months I have had a lot of symptoms that are associated with MS but also Fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last September and I was glad that I finally had a name for what I was feeling. I think I made a mistake with the diagnosis as I researched my symptoms on the internet and suggested to my GP and Pain clinic “Fibromyalgia” they then referred me to a Rheumatologist that ruled out a few other possibilities and then diagnosed FM as there is no test to confirm FM they make the diagnosis by exclusion. MS is not one of the conditions that you are checked for.

Two weeks ago on a weekend I developed n pain behind my right eye that determinate rapidly over the evening and I thought I will sleep it off and see how I feel in the morning. The pain was better but my vision was still affected so I called and made an appointment with my GP surgery. I went to see a GP that I have not seen at the practise before, she did a few tests, “Follow my finger and few walking tests” she told me that she thinks I might have MS instead and sent me to casualty to get my eye looked at, there they confirmed “Optic Neuritis” and I was also referred to a Neurologist. I am still waiting for my appointment date in the post.

I had an MRI (Full Spine) three weeks ago for Scoliosis and seeing the Orthopaedics on the 26 June at Broomfields for the report. I wonder if I can ask for a copy of that MRI for my Neuro or do you think that he will need to request this? Also the lady that did the MRI was good enough to let me see the scan and pointed out the scoliosis to me. I had a look at my spinal cord and there were no obvious lesions on it. She told me that she was not the professional and that they will do a full report on the MRI.

I believe that I started with symptoms in 2005 that came on in waves, some months apart, the severity got worse and the time I had relapsed longer. My symptoms are now more constant and I am using walking aids, I thought the FM nightmare was as bad as it is going to get and now I am facing something that I wasn’t prepared for.

That was a lot, to get off my tiny shoulders, Any advice welcome thank you.

Lisa Ward