MS and Fibromyalgia

Hi everyone

Our branch of MS have worked quite closely with the Fibromyalgia support group in our town and I attend their meetings when I am able to. Having read some of their leaflets and spoken with them it appears that both diseases have many similar symptoms. Theirs being more about pain and fatigue.

Having seen my MRI scan I have seen the lesions on my brain and spinal cord. Fibro patients are treated by a Rhumatologist and diagnosis is made from symptoms, at least one doctor in our town does not believe that Fibro is a real disease!

Does anyone know how two diffent diseases, one Neurological and one Rhumatoid can be so similar? also their cause is looking to be similar too. (infection/lack of vitamin d).

Also does anyway have MS and Fibro and how on earth are you diagnosed.

Thank you for any information you can give, this has been puzzling me for a while.

Wendy, (a bear with a very little brain) x