Ms and dentists

I should keep this brief really but… I hadn’t been to the dentist for a while , the one I was going to had stairs outside and no car park so it had become a bit difficult for me so I didn’t go, my fault I know. Anyway my tooth broke a little bit a few years ago and then a little bit more and then a little bit more and got to the stag where it was really badly broken. A couple of weeks ago my face started to swell where the broken tooth was so I decided I had to go to a dentist. As luck would have it a new dentist had opened a while ago just down the road from my house. It had a ramp outside and a car park right at the door. I phoned up and they were able to see me that afternoon. So along I went, the dentist said she would give me antibiotics to reduce the swelling and I asked when she could take the tooth out. Looking at my medical history form she decided that because of my ms she would be better to refer me to the hospital. I wasn’t very happy, apart from anything else that would take ages and I wanted the tooth out. So I took the antibiotics, the swelling reduced and all was fine until yesterday when my face started to swell again so I phoned another dentist. So along I went this afternoon. The dentist wasn’t too bothered about my ms and took the tooth out. While I was there she filled the tooth beside the broken one and cleaned the other teeth. She gave me some more antibiotics for any infection that was left and charged me £364. Longer story than it needed to be however my question is: Is it common to refer people to the hospital just because they have ms or was the first dentist just being ultra cautious. Cheryl:-)

i think she was just being cautious, i know that when i have to have an injection at the dentist i have to have the adrenaline free injection, because if i have the normal injection with adrenaline in it makes me very ill,

once when i went to see another dentist, he gave me the adrenaline injection for a filling and i started to be very ill the day after,so i make sure now,that i have the injection i should have. some dentists are very aware, some not so.

Last year l changed dentists - my previous one was ‘private’ and up a set of stairs. When he announced he was retiring a friend recommended another one - this time nhs - ground floor with off street parking. She is a lovely young chinese girl - very thorough -my teeth and gums are in better condition then they have been for years. l had to have one removed recently and it cost £80 that was with xrays and clean and polish. She always asks how l am- and about any medication l am on. Apparently Tizandidine causes gum problems/bleeding. l look forward to my next appointment.


Hiya Cheryl

I don’t know. Naughty girl not going to a denist to sort the problem out straight away.

I’ve had no problems with dentist doing all sorts of work, capping, root filling, taking teeth out - just one by the way! They only seem interested in any medication I’m taking and if I am allergic to anything. MS just means I can have a downstairs big room and help with an assistant. Maybe I’ve been lucky with dentists?


Hi they do refer people to a Nhs dentist if don’t have one of have an medical condition

Val, hope you manage to get to your dentist soon, why do dentists always seem to be located upstairs. Jaki, I was ill with an injection in the pre ms days and since I’ve had the adrenaline free one. I think this must have rang alarm bells with the first dentist, me asking for the adrenaline free injection and the mention of ms. The dentist spoke good English but wasn’t British so perhaps she wasn’t sure what ms was or something. The second dentist had no issue with the request for an adrenaline free injection and I tried to steer her away from talk of ms and towards removal of the tooth as quickly as possible before she changed her mind! Tbh I think she had no issue with the ms. Frances, sounds like you had no problem either having a tooth removed. Yes, the dentist who removed the tooth was private, as was the one who wouldn’t remove the tooth. But tbh I was really just glad to get it out. Marty, you seem to have no problem either at the dentist. Yes, I’m a naughty girl, I should have been at the dentist a long time ago. On a more positive note, now I’ve found a nice dentist I’ll go back. Anyway, it just seemed a stupid decision since it was going to leave me in pain with an infected tooth for ages. Anyway, happy ending and I’m pleased, if somewhat poorer, lol. Cheryl:-)