MS & Ab Toning Belts

I was just wondering why it is that people with MS aren’t supposed to use ab toning belts where electric pulses make your muscles contract? I’ve used one ocasionally along with one for under my chin and its only now i’ve read about not for use with ms patients, ops! Would much harm of been done?

Hi, I used a TeNS machine extensively in the past when it said not to be used with ms. As for your toning belt I wouldn’t worry tbh but maybe you should ask your gp, since you obviously are worried. That would set your mind at rest if nothing else. Btw I got a toning belt about a year ago but it was too big for my waist so I sent it back, I couldn’t see a smaller version, strange, although I might be on the smallish side I’m not that slim, lol. Cheryl:-)