Can anyone answer a question for me ?

I was admitted to hospital over night a few days ago . I had a CT scan it came back normal apart from a calcified falx when i had a MRI last year there was no report of a calcified falx . Does MRI 's not show these ? While i was waiting for a bed and was in A&E i got a sharp pain right in the top of my head in the middle it was like 1 stab and went . have had a dull ache in my head ever since . A&E doc wanted me to have another mri in the morning and so did the doc on the ward where i got taken to ,yet in the morning i was seen by a stroke doc ( i had right sided numbness, pins and needles being clumsy and confusion for nearly 2 weeks). And he referred to my last neuro’s notes who had implied there was nothing wrong .and discharged me .

Doc has put possible functional neurological disease but unclear . Not sure what that even means .

Any ideas would be appreciated .

Destiny, “functional neurological disease” is medical speak for we don’t have an organic (ie bug, virus, trauma) reason why you are presenting these symptoms. Remembering that the mind is a very powerful thing and the same way stress can cause you to have gut ache or a headache it can also convert stress into much more seroius symptoms. This DOES NOT mean you are a hypocondriac or that you are faking etc, it simply means that neurologically wise the brain has much less known about it than the rest of the body. I hope this helps. Anne for Mum

Yes, MRI can show it. I can only assume that the radiologist didn’t think it important or that he/she missed it.

Functional neurological disorder basically means neurological symptoms that have no organic (i.e. physical) explanation. There is a really good website,, that explains it very well.

If I were you, I would be unhappy that the stroke consultant didn’t consider your new symptoms. (Did he do a clinical exam?) Unfortunately, some consultants dislike disagreeing with colleagues - it can make it damn hard for some people to get a diagnosis :frowning: I think, if I were you, I would speak to my GP about a second opinion.

Karen x

TY all for your replies much appreciated .

I saw a neurologist last year , I had done a list and took a friend with me ,he started to examine me and i explained about my problems with my feet ,legs etc which was diagnosed from 2 seperate biomechanical assesments . He just kept saying " so they say" . He didnt look at my list i felt so overwelmed that yet again iam seeing someone who is pushing it under the carpet and i will yet again be ignored that i cried and from that he said there is nothing wrong with you its anxiety etc .luckily he said he would do a mri to show you that there is nothing wrong with you . i asked radiographer if it was ok when i had scan and she said ,she doesnt know how to read them and i would get results from neuro . When i went for results neuro said he didnt need to look at scan and would take radiographers word for it and discharged me . This was maybe may or june last year , In oct i was taken to hospital with urine incontinence and lower back pain i had a mri which showed a disk bulg and referred to urology (which iam still under ) and for a back assesment from a top physio . The physio was more interested in my neuro problems that i have had for over a decade and was a bit peeved and said she would refer me to a new neuro and has written a huge report . She commented that i had been dismissed for so long and i should get a full assesment .

The hospital that i was admitted to is where the useless neuro is and not the new one so hopefully i can find out whats happening to me .

Iam sorry if iam babling hopefully you can understand it .

I hope the new, good, neuro can sort things out for you.

I can clear up the radiographer / neuro thing for you in the meantime at least: radiographers are the people who operate the MRI scanner; radiologists are the people who assess the images and write the reports; most neuros know a lot less about how to read images than radiologists and simply go with what the radiologist’s report says. So I think the neuro was referring to the radiologist’s report.


Should have said, “So I think the neuro was referring to the radiologist’s report who you haven’t met.”


Also i was sent days earlier to the hospital where new nuero is and was examined and they said definately neuro problem and there was a huge report on my record from the physio , was told any news symptoms come straight back but because nhs direct said i needed to go hospital and got me a ambulance i had to go to nearest hospital which is the bad one .

When i went both A&E 's they noticed a problem with my pupils yet most of my symptoms had gone by the time stroke doc saw me the next morning apart from tingling down arms,legs and face .

Ct scan no lesions or bleed but calcified falx present that’s all it says .

Sorry didnt see the other replies ty for clarifying it for me . Makes sense now lol

It’s a very quick recovery for an MS attack and from stroke too I think, but something happened if your pupils were abnormal. Could it have been a TIA?

The falx is the membrane down the middle of the two halves of the brain. Calcification there is not something I know anything about, but a quick google tells me that it can be normal. I obviously can’t tell whether or not yours is, but I’d want an expert to explain it, if I were you.

I did find this on-line: It may have absolutely nothing to do with your case, but it does show that normal scanners can miss a calcified falx and smaller lesions that can cause neurological symptoms. [An 8 Tesla (8T) scanner is a very powerful MRI scanner. The stronger the scanner, the more likely small abnormalities are to be found. Most NHS scanners are 1.5T.]

Maybe show the paper to your good neuro if he/she is looking like being less interested in helping you? An 8T scanner won’t be available, but there’s no reason that they can’t do a new, high resolution, scan in the 1.5T scanner.


Ty for your reply K x

It was a 4 day difference between the times of pupil problems if that makes sense x