Functional neurological disorder - lazy diagnosis

Hi everyone

since August 2017, I have been experiencing neurological disorder symptoms before that, it was just fibromyalgia and ME.

I had a stroke scare in 2017 and I haven’t fully recovered. I have the following symptoms:


body pain

back pain

joint pain

issues with concentration and memory

tremor in my leg muscle

pins and needles and numbness

and I recently had new symptoms such as:

‘high frequency hearing loss (very minor)


auditory processing disorder

worsening of other symptoms from above (pain and fatigue)

but for some reason my neurologist doesn’t want to order anymore tests. Even though I had one mri scan on my brain on the day after my stroke scare and a brief neurological physical exam. He even said yesterday as I had my appointment with him that I could have many condition but obviously it is definitely functional without any additional tests. I am not sure if I can go to anyone else because the doctor I saw is a honorary professor. It seems like it doesn’t matter if I get new symptoms or worsening of others, it is still functional. I really don’t believe in the diagnosis and I don’t know what to do anymore.

Ps. I completed therapy on nhs and receiving extra through my university and it has made no difference on my symptoms just changed my mindset


so what did the MRI come up with?

Your symptoms are so varied. I found with mine it was just left sided, with dead or numb weird foot, and from knee downwards. at the time i didnt have much else going on not really just non specific things like fatigue, and UTI.

I would wait and see what happens to be honest.

FND well ask him ok to send you to therapy or if you have had it and it hasnt worked them let him know that.

If you treat it as it is, the doctors tend to take people more seriously.

Its a difficult one. I believed if i did have MS (which i never thought i did to be honest to start with), it would show itself properly and it did in the end, and i got diagnosed. Having PPMS i had no options of meds anyway.

I really would wait and see for now. look after your health, eat well, rest, and see what happens. x


I don’t think that FND is necessarily a lazy diagnosis. The neurologist is basing his opinion on your MRI scan and on his physical examination. They can tell quite a lot from the physical exam, like whether it is functional.

When you say before 2017 ‘it was just fibromyalgia and ME’, do you mean you already have those two diagnoses?

If that’s the case, it may be that the neurologist is considering those factors into his diagnostic process.

It seems to me that once stroke was ruled out, the neurologist considered other diagnoses, including MS, and has come to the conclusion that there is no evidence to support anything beyond a ‘functional’ condition.

Have you seen What Is FND - FND Hope International ? You might find that quite informative in the light of your diagnosis.

Best of luck.


Yes, I only had the widespread pain and fatigue, then the stroke scare happened and since that day, everything has gone worse and new symptoms appeared and some have changed. For example, I had overreactive bladder and that has completely changed so I don’t need to go often. Longest I went without is around 8 hours and most of the time its a little less than that. I just don’t like the fact that they aren’t interested in other tests apart from one MRI and a short physical exam that was normal. However I had another exam but for my pip assessment and that shows that I have weakness.

Seriously no other advice?

widespread pain could be down to fibromyalgia which seems to be one of the most fast moving illnesses on the planet at the moment which is a worry.